There must be a reason [a good one, too] why two reasonably sane people [debatable at times] would get in the car and drive two hours and battle carsickness [one of us but the other had a headache which is just as bad] and embark upon a walk that was variously signposted as taking 1-3 hours or 2 hours, eat lunch, and then retrace every single step, enduring burning legs, exploding lungs, painful joints [especially the knee joint], and more headaches and carsickness.

I wish someone would enlighten me as to what that reason was!

A third of the way in and an inviting seat and, supposedly, a stupendous view. Really?

There's a bridge in there. No one warned me about a bridge! I can't even see the bottom. I think I've seen enough ...

The tops. Apparently. At times it was hard to determine what was what. And by now, whenever DH remarked that it wasn't much further I was ready to inflict bodily harm upon his person.

Almost at the top and I was ready to say that this was close enough!

Given the position of the seat I imagine there is another stupendous view out there somewhere?

Coming down there was more visibility. The bridge ... and even a view from the seat on the way down ...

Nothing to do with the walk ... except that we drove through an old historic settlement that we only knew about because of a sign on a gate and then we saw these two chimneys. [Although after taking the photo DH thinks they may not date from the time of the earlier settlement after all.]

Please note that I will seriously consider all suggestions as to why I agreed to this walk/tramp/exercise in pain!


Anonymous said…
It's called quality (or quantity?) time, My Dear Mother.

Son #2