What Was I Thinking?

I have had several "What was I thinking?" moments lately.

Some inconsequential, and some not so inconsequential. Some ridiculous and some ... actually they were all ridiculous. 

Such as this shawl pattern (beautiful, beautiful pattern that got lost in the colours I chose). I used twice as much yarn as the pattern called for but still ended up with a small shawl. However, it wraps around my neck as a baktus/shawlette/scarf/neck accessory and is deliciously warm. The toastiness of it is very important given our frosty mornings and the fact that I've been leaving home as the sun comes up (and managing to drench myself as I've tried to de-ice the car).

But it was a lot of work for a pattern that's hidden and has a million slipped stitches to catch at everything in sight (so perhaps not a good choice for work). Obviously I wasn't thinking.

And then there were these socks ...

Interesting way of working gusset underneath the foot (and which refuses to photograph).

Love the sole pattern I chose.

I actually love them but why did it take two weeks of them sitting finished in my knitting bag before I finally tried them on?

What was I thinking?

And, of course, there is this sock ...

No, no! These are NOT a pair.
Made of scraps, it's warm, it was fun to knit, it's lonely (I haven't started the second sock yet and it's been over a week), and it's different.

What was I thinking?

And, then, there was that moment ten days ago when I thought, "Okay, I'm stressed as team leader already, especially with having to present at our Christian Early Childhood Conference soon, and I don't know how I'm going to fit everything in as it is, so why don't I volunteer to move into the next area and act as team leader there while the management looks for a new team leader? It will only double my stress and workload and there will be other considerations such as I've not worked in this area for fourteen years, and the team is grieving their leader who has left, and I'll miss my team and the children I work with so much, so why not do it?"

I can think of many reasons why I shouldn't. But I did anyway.

What was I thinking?