It is possible that today will go down in history for all the wrong reasons.

I don't pretend to understand American politics or why some people are staunchly Republican and others Democratic. But, like many other nations, we have been watching with interest the recent American election.

Unlike eight years ago when there were debates raging all over the blogosphere about who was right and good and who was wrong and bad and arguments about why this one or that one should or should not be president, I've read little this time apart from jokes ranging from funny to decidedly bad taste about the presidential candidates. I think for some of us watching from a distance we expected at any time for the 'real' candidates to step forward and to learn we had all been duped. And now, we struggle to understand how the outcome of this election affects us all.

As I stated previously, I don't understand American politics.

But this I do understand ...

Our God is in control. Still. And no matter who is in power, He is in control. I doubt the early Christians were too thrilled with Nero as a leader but it certainly didn't mean that God had forsaken them. And even in this, whether you are for Trump or against him, whether you're thinking right now of fleeing the country or are looking with hope to the future, God is in control.

Nothing changes that. Nothing.

We are to pray for our leaders. Not put our trust in them or to fear their rule but to pray for them. And despite campaign promises and policies promising change, it is perhaps the prayers of the saints that will bring about the most change.