Third Party

I opened my blog the other day only to discover my backgrounds had disappeared and there was a message that I needed to change the settings on a certain account if I wanted to continue to have third party hosting.

My first reaction was well, of course I did. My background was a photo taken ten years ago when we, as a family, climbed Mount Ruapehu, a still active volcano (and which, incidentally, erupted just a short time afterwards). As well as being a rather attractive photo, it had special meaning for me.

So I went to the account in question but despite using the Help function and spending far too much time searching and whatnot, I could not find any place to change the settings. Now, I admit to not being exactly computer literate, but I suspect part of the reason may have been the device I was using. It doesn't support a lot of apps and only runs some programmes in part. Usually that's not a problem ...

Too lazy - and by this time, too frustrated - to open up another device, I decided it was time to change things up a bit. After a few days of looking in a right muddle, spring cleaning was complete and my blog had undergone a major overhaul.

I'm still not completely happy with it (I miss that mountain photo) and I suspect there still needs to be some tweaks and finer detail changes, but for now it can stand proud that it's once again up and running.

It was time for a change ... time to delete or correct the broken links ... time to let go of the past and step into the twenty-first century with two feet. I hope you enjoy the new format.