Advice Needed

The problem with renovating and redecorating is:

(1) there are sooooooooo many choices;

(2) everyone has an opinion (even the tradespeople - I knew I should have gone with my original paint choice and not listened to the painter!); and

(3) New Zealand is still fairly conservative when it comes to home design and decoration (if you don't believe me, consider this: when we moved here over twenty years ago we were used to tiled bathrooms where everything but the ceiling was tiled whereas the first house that I looked at that had a so-called "tiled bathroom" had only one row of tiles around the shower base! We're a little slow here in keeping up with trends).

Anyway, all this to say that we have a little dilemma when it comes to our flooring. We both love the look of timber floors but they are sooooooooo cold in our climate, especially given we do not have underfloor heating, central heating, or sufficient heating. And we won't mention the lack of double-glazing or insulation in our house!

Carpet would seem like the obvious option if we want warmth but we're not keen on wall-to-wall and I've read that it is losing popularity overseas (not here if the guy who did our carpet quote has any indication of the trends). What we would really love to do is carpet the bedrooms and have the living areas and hallways in the existing timber.

And now comes our dilemma. How do we carpet just the bedrooms without it looking bitsy or as if we couldn't afford to carpet the whole house? We want to use the same carpet in the bedrooms and the same or similar as bound mats in the living areas. But there are all those stop-starts at the bedroom thresholds. Would it look silly if we go with what we want or should we just carpet the whole house and try not to dwell on the fact that it's not what we wanted?

Just in case anyone needs pictures:

Existing sealed flooring (we think it's rimu or matai) ...


Bedroom most in need of carpet ...

Favourite carpet choices to date (against advice we've gone with wool) ...

The paint colour I wanted (we eventually used it in our spare bedroom and I love it) ...

The paint colour I got (believe me, there is quite a difference in real life) ...

 Advice welcome. However please note that we reserve the right to choose our carpet colours and fibre and that, in the end, will choose what we like (we learnt out lesson from listening to the painter).


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