Mystery KAL And All That Jazz

Spring is officially here and we've even managed to skip a few nights without lighting the fire (although that might be more to do with low supply of essential firewood than the actual temperature) which leads me to suspect that my almost-nightly activity of knitting socks will soon be coming to an end and it will be time to turn to more summery pursuits.

I do, however, have a pair of mystery socks to knit, and given that the clues only began last week (I finally got around to starting them this weekend when taking a break from gardening) and it's a NZ KAL (Knit Along for the uninitiated), I can't be the only one in this country knitting socks this season.

And they are not the only ones in the rush to be finished before the weather turns warm.

There's the pair for DH's birthday in less than two weeks to finish ...

(maybe, just maybe, I'll get them done in time if I can stick to my self-imposed schedule);

and there's the no-concentration-required pair to work on during car trips or when in conversation or during boring meetings to finish ...

(I experimented with a toe-up whirlpool toe on these which may just find its way into my sock repertoire from now on as an alternative to the provisional cast-on short row toe which will always be my favourite. These socks are a little big for me so I'll be looking for a worthy recipient when they're done.)

Three pairs on the go is usual for me with many more ideas swirling around. I'm not sure how my sock tally stacks up this year. Apart from knitting a pair for DIL#2 ...

(I love the colour combination and want to use it again - and they looked just as yummy on the inside as they did on the out - however the positive-negative effect was not a winner with Son#2)

and a pair for myself using a  lace pattern that I adapted ...

(and have yet to wear despite sitting beside my bed looking gorgeous since they were finished),

the other socks that I finished this year were all begun last year ...

(love, love the colours and the pattern);

and, lastly, my knit-in-the-car socks ...

(which are so uninteresting that I don't even have a photo of them completed, and which are now also dyed green in a few places after I washed them with another pair of socks that I had hand-dyed - will remember not to do that again).

Finally, after promising for ages, I'm writing up my re-sole-able sock method and hope to put a link up in the next day or so. I thought it would take me half an hour at the most to write ... not so. Hopefully when it's done, someone else will find it useful. If not, at least I'll have a record of it somewhere ... in case the day ever comes when I become really, really forgetful (more so than usual I'm meaning).


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