Not All Gloom And Doom

I have a theory that the only time the weather person predicts the weather with one hundred percent accuracy is during school holidays! These past two weeks have been as awful as we were led to believe, and now that it's almost time to go back to school, the sun finally decides to make an appearance.

Not that it's been all gloom and doom ... but close enough. In the interests of honesty, there have been scattered moments of sunshine. Not a lot ... but some.

As on the first weekend when I finally got into my garden after months of wanting to but having to wait for decent weather  ...


Only to have the builders trample sections of it three days later! (But at least we got the old weatherboards replaced). Knowing that there will be painters needing to come in, I'm not going to do too much remedial action to my poor flowerbed ... even if I have to wait months, or even a year, for the painters.




There were other periods of sunshine as when The Most Adorable Granddaughter#5, unable to go swimming with big sister due to having the chicken pox, helped me plant up some flowerpots. She took photos as a permanent record ... well, that was the plan but somehow the flowers got missed out of most of the photos.




The rainy weather has had its benefits. I've played multiple games of Snakes and Ladders (with The Most Adorable Granddaughter#5 who beat me every time) and I've managed to squeeze in quite a bit of knitting.

I was pleased to finish DH's navy and yellow socks well in time for his birthday (today) and redid the [pink] toe on another pair twice. Not that there was anything wrong with the toe I did the first time but somehow the foot turned out to be too long, so rather than undo the whole sock (by this time I was at the cuff), I removed the toe and a few rows from the foot. However, it was still too long and after deliberating overnight, I did the same thing again. It's not my favourite chore and it's not as perfect as I'd like for gifting, but it does mean if no one else wants them when they're done, they will at least fit me.


As for that mystery sock I started, I didn't like the toe, the pattern was super boring to knit, so I undid it and started something else. I'm still receiving the clues, so if it suddenly becomes interesting, I may knit it up at a later date. By then I'll know what it looks like. (I have a sneaking suspicion that I like to be in control and a Mystery KAL does not give me that control!) I had hoped to learn some new techniques from the KAL, but so far it's pretty predictable. Ah well, at least I got some pretty yarn out of it.