Re-Sole-Able Sock Pattern

Finally. It's been a long time coming but I have managed to gather together all the info for how I knit resoleable socks. It can be found here.

I have started knitting all my socks this way again. Partly because I like being able to easily replace the sole/heels/toes, partly because it seems to go much quicker for me, partly because I want to.

I don't mind the small amount of time required after binding off to seam the sole and instep together. I find it rather relaxing in fact. But then I like hand sewing. If you dread it, this pattern is definitely not for you.

I completed a pair of socks last weekend and posted them off to Son#5. I knew he was about to go down to Invercargill for work and wasn't looking forward to being that far south in winter. (Don't blame him and few of my sons seem to be as bothered by the cold as I am.) I had hoped the parcel would get to him before he went, but it apparently missed him.

When I asked if he had received the parcel, he asked, "It's not socks, is it? Because I wouldn't wear them to work anyway as they'd get wrecked."

Perhaps that was his polite way of sparing my feelings in place of saying, "I wouldn't be caught dead wearing knitted socks," but, if it wasn't, but a genuine appreciation for the time and effort that goes into making them, then he can be assured that it's no longer a concern and he can wear them without feeling guilty.

Yep, they're resoleable and all he has to do is send them back to Mum when he discovers a hole. Of course, having seen the state of some of Son#4's socks, by the time I get the sock, there may be little left of the sole anyway.

And let me just put another concern to rest: I don't mind reknitting the sole/heels/toe. It gives me an opportunity to be creative and use another yarn (because chances are that I no longer have the original yarn lying around) and there is something satisfying in making a holey pair of socks like brand new again. And if they really are too far gone to be fixed, well I can always use any yarn still in good condition in one of my blankets.

By the way, I promise no hideous resoled socks! (Well, I'll try not to inflict them on any loved one.)