Ever So Slowly

Also known as Week Three of Renovations Round Three.

I have a sneaking suspicion that these progress reports are for me and me alone. Without them I would be convinced that almost nothing at all is happening in the hidden depths of my house. But I can trace the photos and see that that's not true.

Something is happening, albeit ever so slowly. And this week where once was dark, now is light.

Perhaps my struggle is knowing that once these two rooms are complete that there will be another two rooms, and another two rooms, and two hallways to also complete. It feels as if it will never end.


And it doesn't help my sanity or patience or peace of mind any that this is what I come home to everyday: my front entrance …

I washed the floors at the end of each week during the first fortnight but now I've thrown in the towel and decided on a different approach: an experiment to determine how dirty can floorboards get in a Round Three Renovation (or how long before I truly go insane and start scrubbing them with a toothbrush).