Without Rain

It's been a wet, wet winter. Wetter than I can remember having experienced in the twenty-two years we have lived here. Considering I felt like Mrs Noah our first year here, that is really saying something. Last year I complained about the churned up mud in our back yard - this year we have lakes! As for our drive-way … well let's just say that I am tired of standing in water that comes halfway up my shins every time I try to get something out of the boot of my car.

So, when it's sunny, we tend to make the most of it, even if rain is predicted for later in the day. As it was today. But we managed to enjoy The Most Adorable Granddaughter#5's birthday in the park before the small smattering of rain drops that fell mid-afternoon. However, the wind did prevent us lighting the candles but she didn't seem to mind.

And just to prove that there have been a few other non-rainy moments in this wet, wet winter …