Also known as Weeks Five and Six of Renovations Round Three.

I didn't post last week. I was too discouraged. The renovation posts are about as exciting as watching paint dry ...

(Warning: if you're not into watching paint dry, read further at your own peril.)

The windows have come out and are being repaired and double glazed; the plasterer has been times three (and is here as I write this); another pile of firewood is building; a whole lot of rubbish has been carted away; yet still it looks as if progress has fled the country.

I got inspired/motivated/desperate last week and bought some test posts for the new paint colour for the front living room and spent a reasonably short amount of time painting scrap gib. For a few minutes it felt as if we were making progress.

Unfortunately my instincts were right and the colour I thought I wanted turned out just as I had hoped so then I had no reason to pore over paint charts, debate the benefit of cool versus warm or light versus dark, or set about painting more scraps.

My part to play was done.

Back to waiting.

At least I could live vicariously through Son#2 who has been in Nashville at the Getty Sing Conference. And before that through Son#5 who was in California. For a time, at least, I had something else on my mind other than the lack of progress on the home front.

Meanwhile the garden continues to change ... buds and flowers appear where there were none ... seedlings pepper the soil ... leaves break forth ... all of which is of some consolation. Obviously some progress is happening at our address - just not of the building-type.


I'm just hoping that the after photos prove it was worthwhile.