Some Of My Favourite Things

"My favourite time is when the family gets to eat together," announced A Most Adorable Granddaughter on the weekend ... which is just as well because a family birthday provides a great excuse for the family to get together and eat together.

(You could be forgiven for mistaking whose birthday was actually being celebrated on this occasion given the number of eager individuals blowing out the candles.)

And it seems that there are other pursuits almost as enjoyable to do together as eating ...

I am so thankful for family ... for reasons to celebrate ... for The Most Adorable Granddaughters who enjoy playing with cousins ... for sunny days ... and afternoon tea on the veranda ... for space to play ... and trees to climb ... for mismatched candles ... for laughter ... and giggles ... and even a few tears ... for shared kai ... and lots of dishes ... and, yes, even for a crazy dog.

These are some of my favourite things.