Here We Go Again

I'm not sure if this could legitimately be called Week One of Round Four of Renovations given we haven't fully completed Round Three (floor and lighting still to go) and it's coming so close on the heels of the last round of renovations. But for clarity's sake (and to make it feel that we're making progress), I will.

Last week we moved our furniture from our long-term living area into what has always been called "The Front Room". We need to rethink the moniker. With new walls and ceiling, fresh paint, and furniture this once defunct room now has a lovely feel. Airy, light-filled and summery it's a calming place to spend time either alone or as a family.

Even the stained glass windows have new life.

Meanwhile, in the deepest, darkness recesses of the house (well not really, but you get the picture) surprises awaited us. We discovered pipes for the original gaslights still in the walls and a scorch mark on the ceiling (thankfully that light had been taken out of commission before our time).

This past week the builder has removed old wall and ceiling coverings, removed the old hearth and covered up the old chimney, removed the more recent fireplace and hearth (since it had been installed on top of the carpet contrary to our instructions), and installed insulation in all the external walls.

There is still a ways to go but I can't wait to see the transformation of what once was a tired old all-cream room.

Don't you think it looks kind of depressing without all the trappings and trimmings of family life?