Birthday Weekend Part Two

This was not our first adventure to the Glow Worm Cave. DH and I - along with an American friend and four of our sons - visited about fourteen or so years ago. I remember it was Boxing Day and we later did a six-hour walk that saw the temperature change from a hot summer's day where we were all in t-shirts and shorts to what felt like sub-zero (not really but after the heat it might as well have been) when we reached the open tops and where we donned jackets and beanies and gloves.

We weren't crazy enough to do that walk this time (thank you, The Most Adorable Granddaughter#3 for not suggesting it) but ever since that time the cave has been a pleasant memory (even for someone like myself who avoids caves due to an irrational fear of them - this cave is however more like a tunnel than a cave and one entrance/exit at least can be seen at all times).

This day we were able to experience and enjoy the cave at a leisurely pace and explore further than we had in the past. Even though we were not able to complete the loop track, we were able to walk quite a way up the creek and take pleasure in the sights. For those who did not have tramping boots, I am told the water was absolutely freezing, but I found it pleasant after the heat of the earlier walk. The "showers" we tried to avoid (or not) were not particularly tepid, so I can sympathise with those who found standing in the creek rather uncomfortable. But even given these difficulties, the walk was one that was extremely enjoyable and one that I suspect every member of the group would highly recommend.

So now I'll allow the photos to do the talking ...