Changes To Come

Yesterday we celebrated The Most Adorable Granddaughter#6's fifth birthday. In one week's time she will be off to school and, I suspect, things will be quite different around her home during the day. I wonder how The Most Adorable Granddaughter#7 will cope without her constant playmate?

There are other changes afoot. I've alluded to them over recent months, but now we are less than two weeks out from a change that I'm not sure I'm entirely ready to embrace.

Don't get me wrong. I am more than thrilled that Son#4 is to marry his sweetheart. And it is only right and natural that he leaves home and begins a new life with his wife-to-be. Unfortunately for me, that new life will not be local. But I stress again, it is only right and natural that this change occurs.

It's just me who is struggling a little to come to terms with the change. Our eldest two sons returned home for a year after completing their studies, and then married and set up home close by. Our third son had already left home when he stood at the altar to pledge his vows. But it's looked a little different with Son#4.

With no job prospects in sight after finishing his degree, he returned home for a while. I suspect that he had no intention of staying as long as he did, but I have enjoyed these unexpected years with him. And now he is not only getting married, leaving home, but moving away.

I will miss his quiet presence and the sound of voices chatting long distance as I turn in for the night. I will miss hearing him playing the guitar or piano (so many times his gifted playing calmed my overwhelmed soul - probably more than he ever realised) and having to admit that I don't have the answer for yet another music-related question. I will miss someone quietly jumping up and doing the dishes or asking for my opinion on something (from the mundane to the theological) and then surprising me with his insight.

I will miss him. But I also look forward to seeing him as a husband and, God-willing, a father one day.

DH and I have been empty-nesters before when Son#5 went off to Uni and we can be empty-nesters again. In fact, Son#4 has ensured we've kept in practice by spending weekends away whenever possible.

But I'm seriously thinking that it's time to get another puppy just so that I can have some company when DH works long hours. I wonder if I can convince DH?
And in case anyone is wondering … yes the wedding quilt is finished. A full month ahead of schedule. No one was more relieved than yours truly when the last stitch went in. Now to wait and see if the happy couple like it ...