This weekend has been rather busy. Delightful, but busy. It was Son#4's stag event and he arrived home after some of his friends had begun gathering. It was funny seeing his friends stressing that he wasn't here - in fact, had not been in town for a few days - and that we had no idea when to expect him home. Due to aforementioned stag event, two of his out-of-town brothers were also home, so it was an unexpected delight to see them (and of course, to see The Most Charming Grandson#1) and see all five of our sons together (even if only briefly).

It's not as if I was interested in a stag event (even if part of it was being hosted at my house and we had to "evacuate" and enjoy a lovely evening at DIL#2's home where we had the pleasure of seeing all our grandchildren at once) - it was more the family being together that I was interested in and enjoyed.

Of course, not all family members may have agreed, as evidenced by The Most Charming Grandson#1 dropping his bottom lip and crying his little heart out when he first clapped eyes on DH and I. In his defense (or ours - I'm not sure which) it was 10:30 at night and he had just slept through the entire journey, only to wake up in a strange house with even stranger people wanting to cuddle him and ooh over him.

But he soon came around and we enjoyed some cuddles and were treated to smiles and sounds and his latest antics.

Even though I'm tired now, I'm not complaining. It's so important to make the most of every opportunity to get together with family - especially since family is so rapidly growing and moving away and getting busy with their own lives.

Sadly, I have few photos from this weekend although I did manage several videos of The Most Charming Grandson#1. But I think I have already found our photo for our Christmas card this year ...


Could anything be more charming?