Coincidence ... Or Not

Whenever we stay away from home I'm usually pretty good at checking and double-checking rooms for any items left behind but somehow, following Son#4's wedding, I left the charger for my tablet behind. For almost two weeks I had to use my DH's Bible in the morning (because it had larger print than mine - and I still struggled). Finally, last Thursday, I had my charger back.

This morning, I opened my Bible app and was surprised to see that a verse was highlighted in the chapter I was about to read. I asked DH if his was also highlighted on his device because it seemed odd to me that that particular verse was highlighted as I rarely use that function, preferring instead to write down in my prayer journal a verse that speaks to me. DH said his wasn't highlighted and also thought it strange that I couldn't remember having highlighted that particular verse in the past.

The verse had such meaning for me that I immediately copied it down in my prayer journal. I then proceeded to read that chapter - and the next - and then because I read from three separate parts of the Bible over the course of the week, I went to make a note on the document that keeps record of what chapters I've read.

It was then that I discovered I had accidentally read from Exodus instead of Leviticus.

Coincidence that the verse was highlighted? Maybe. Coincidence that I then read from the wrong book of the Bible? Again, maybe. But I like to think that it was something more than that.

And the verse?

'Moses said to the people, "Don't be afraid, for God has come to test you, and that his fear may be before you, that you won't sin."' Exodus 20:20