In the Round Again

I've recently completed another jumper - this time for Son#3. He's still deciding if he likes it or not (he's not used to clothes that are close-fitting). For someone who's not sure, he seems to be wearing it a lot!

This one took longer than the other one to complete because I had to wait for more wool to arrive after running out just as I was about to start the yoke. I obviously miscalculated somewhere along the way!

I used the same set of instructions as I did for Son#2 but changed the patterns that I used. Part-way through knitting the yoke, I also decided to change the patterns to ones that I thought would go better. I was unsure about the colours at first, but now am pleased with the way it turned out. The collar is a mock turtle neck. I didn't plan this. It was to be a crew neck with the neckband folded in half, but Son#3 prefers it this way. I can always fold it in half later and slip-stitch it in place if he changes his mind.

I was waiting to see if he liked this jumper before starting one for Son#4 but I think I'll just start knitting anyway. At this rate I might even get another one done before the weather warms up and I no longer feel like knitting.


BellaMama said…
That is such a handsome sweater! I thought I'd be able to knit whatever in the summer...I put away all the wool things and have used only cotton. It seemed a natural transition and not by choice.
Again, exquisite sweater!!

Mrs. C.
SchnauzerMom said…
Wow that sweater is gorgeous, your sons are very lucky.
bunches of yarn said…
Wow! You do beautiful work on Icelandic sweaters too.
Haven't made one of those in a few years.
Do you use Icelandic yarn--you probably don't need such heavy wool in NZ. ^__^
Jules said…
Thank you for the comments.

Bellamama, I like to do patchwork in the warmer months. I have knitted cotton garments, but have not been overly pleased with the results. I'll probably just stick to wool especially since we can get such beautiful wools down here (one of the advantages of living in a country that has 3 times as many sheep as people!) but it does mean that I probably won't get any knitting done once the weather warms up.

Thanks Schauzermom. I love your knitted garments so I appreciate your encouragement.

Bunches of yarn, I use chunky wool. The tension (gauge) is 13-14 sts per 10 cm (4") which I think is the same as Lopi wools (Icelandic).

We do need the thick wools in NZ. NZ homes aren't heated to the same degree as those in the Northern Hemisphere and many visitors from 'up-over' are surprsied at how cold our homes are. It can also get really cold, depending on where you live. Son#2 is down south at the moment and has experienced snow on several occasions. New Zealanders also love to head to the mountains and the snow! So while we don't get the extreme winter conditions that you and others experience, we do get pretty cold down here (something I am still trying to learn to live with!).
April said…
What a BEAUTIFUL sweater. I love that design sooo much. You make such wonderful things Jules.
Jen said…
Wow, you do such amazing work! I would love to be able to knit that well. You are one talented lady Jules!
Jules said…
Hi Jen, the sweater is really a very simple pattern - it's the placement of colour that makes it impressive. By knitting the yoke in the round, every row is a knit row, so it really is super simple. Have just started another jumper - this time knitting the whole body in the round.

Thanks April, for your comments. Looking forward to seeing some of your work. I can only do the most basic of crochet stitches. I could never do a garment.