Power, What Power?

Son#1 (the electrician) is here today connecting up lights and power to our new sub-board. I've been told that the power will have to go off for an hour or so later today.

Do I need power?

Let me see: what do I usually do on a Saturday?

Washing (laundry). All those school uniforms have to be washed and Son#4 had a nose-bleed this week all over his white shirt and green jumper.

Ironing. I need to get it up to date today so that I can clear the spare bed for Son#2 who is coming home tomorrow. He could always sleep on a mattress on the floor but it would be cold.

Baking. I wanted to make some biscuits for a family I know of who are hurting this week. It would also be good to have something in the house in case we get visitors tomorrow.

Computer time. I wanted to get some work up to date.

Naw, I don't need power. Not at all.

Wait. The computer. I can't live without my computer. What's that? The power's going off soon? But I'm not fin


SchnauzerMom said…
Wow that's gonna be a long hour, I hope you survive.
Jen said…
Lol! I couldn't help but laugh at Schnauzermom's comment :). What in the world did you do for one whole hour without any power?? :)

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