A Little Valentine

St Valentine's Day was never a big thing when I was growing up. What I knew about it came from books - usually American books. Even though this custom has now been adopted by the country I live in, it tends to focus on romantic attachments only. Friends don't send one another valentines - in fact, I don't think cards feature that greatly in most people's celebrations. Roses, yes; chocolates, definitely; dinner, perhaps; written expressions of love, not so much.

Perhaps it has something to do with our British heritage - a heritage that is suspicious of any outward expression of one's emotions. Certainly, I still feel a little strange when I receive a valentine from an online friend - but don't let that stop you from sending them if that's what you want to do! Just realise that while I do appreciate your friendship, I may not be able to respond appropriately to a valentine message.

You've probably guessed that St Valentine's Day is not 'big' in our household. It's not just because of our heritage. Today also marks the anniversary of the death of a woman who was like a second mother to me - my maternal grandmother. I wrote this story as a memorial to her love and faith and example. I still miss her but I'm so glad that I know I will one day see her again.

And for those that want love, check out this post entitled Love on Purpose. Sheila writes: This is the weekend to celebrate love. And yet, for a society that values love, praises love, yearns for love, and chases love, it seems so odd to me that we fail to prepare for love. I like Sheila's thoughts on preparing for love. Don't be surprised if after reading her post you realise that what many call love isn't love at all.

And if you still want a little more romance here's my love story.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Daisy said…
Happy Valentines Day Jules! We don't do much here at home ... just a little chocolate and small candies .. and perhaps a special dinner for my dh ... we don't really go all out at all.
SchnauzerMom said…
DH gave me a rose and we split some chocolate.
Jen said…
Hope you had a happy valentine's day. We don't do a whole lot either here. I make pancakes shaped like hearts for breakfast, and we usually go out to eat. Hubby brings both Evie and I flowers, and we exchange cards. We don't spend a lot of money or anything. Just simple and fun.

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