Not An Official Update (So That I Don't Have To Eat My Words From My Last Post)

A raging sore throat timed its arrival with the first day of our school holidays but even that couldn't stop me moving into my new kitchen yesterday.

Yes, you read that correctly. I. HAVE. MOVED. INTO. MY. NEW. KITCHEN. Now before you start blowing those silly streamer whistles let me hasten to add that it's not finished yet. Close enough that I can move in but not enough that we can say goodbye to the contractors forever. For we still need to stay on their good side if we want them to finish the job. But at least the list of things to do is slowly getting smaller and smaller.

Notice I said slowly. I still don't understand how it can take over a week to paint one door or twice that long to put in a light switch (which they still haven't done and I can only assume that they are going to come back to finish). But the cupboards, bench top and oven had been installed and most of the painting completed and it was time to move in before the kitchen became outdated.

Friday afternoon I decided to burn my ovens for an hour per the instructions in the book. Everything was going smoothly until I discovered that the right hand oven was not working. At a quarter to five on a Friday afternoon I knew that my chances of getting the electrician out to fix the problem were probably zilch. Instead I thought thoughts not fit to publish. I then discovered that while the left hand oven, the grill, the oven lights, and the clock all worked perfectly, the ceramic hobs and the automatic ignition for the gas burners along with the right hand oven did not work.

Continue with gnashing of teeth. Then resignation. I still had one oven working and that was a lot more than I'd had for the past seventeen weeks. I decided to make the most of it and while moving into our kitchen yesterday baked a batch of scones for DH and Son#5 who did all the heavy jobs (and without whose help I would still be minus a refrigerator in said kitchen).

Come Saturday afternoon and I'm speaking to Son#1 on the phone who immediately diagnoses the problem and with the flick of a switch on our sub-board, presto! I have a fully-functioning stove for the first time in a long time. I even cooked dinner in/on it. Thoughts now turned to how Son#1 is worth his weight in gold and is definitely not getting paid what he's worth!

There's just one problem. I'm so used to an oven that takes two hours to bake most vegetables that when the potatoes, pumpkin, kumara and carrots were cooked in forty minutes no one was ready to eat dinner!

Guess I'm going to need a lot more practice.


SchnauzerMom said…
I don't understand why contractors don't finish the job and then move on to the next. Seems like it would be easier that way instead of having to come back.

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