We've had the party; we've had the cake; we've had the presents: Son#4 is now entitled to think of himself as officially twenty-one years of age. Or an adult. Whichever makes him feel more grown-up. He's earnt it.

The bashful birthday boy ...

First things first. Forget the party; forget that Mum is stressed because somebodies put jelly babies in the ambrosia; forget everything except that it's time for a cuddle of the newest family member (and finally time to get some photos too).

The cake. It took DIL#1 around seven hours to decorate. That's dedication - and patience.

Counting the candles to ensure he's not been short-changed on that front.

Um, we can't see you blowing the candles out from this angle.

DIL#1 are you ready for this? He's about to attack your cake.

Quiet moment with family to open presents. He had helpers ...

We've seen that pose before!

Amazingly this man didn't seem any the worse for wear at the end of the evening.


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