The Little Red Hen Had It All Wrong

It's feijoa season again which means someone has to pick up all the fallen feijoas, wash all the feijoas to remove the dirt and leaves and other debris (our dog has free run of where the feijoas fall - enough said), lay the feijoas out to dry, and then eat them.

With a glut of said fruit, someone also has to cook them or dehydrate them (unless we want them to go to waste - and we don't) ... all of which takes a whole lot of work. And like with the story of the Little Red Hen, there's not always a lot of willing helpers (although our family boasts several willing eaters).

Still, with this many collected at one time, I have no plans to eat them all ...

Perhaps the Little Red Hen needed to learn to serve others. Or, at the very least, to delegate so that everyone could share in the blessing of preparing food and eating it..