I'm not sure how it began ... or where he got the idea ... possibly something I said or did in the early days of our relationship led him to believe that we felt the same ... but DH considers a tramp of a few hours through unfriendly terrain the perfect opportunity to spend time together.

Don't ask me why.

When I'm not gasping for breath, I'm usually complaining. Hardly the perfect companion.

DH enjoys tramping - has always enjoyed tramping - but truth be told, I do not enjoy tramping. I tolerate it. I even like to boast about how much pain I've endured. I take lots of bad photos and post them on my blog. But enjoy? No. [Picture me shaking my head here.]

But because DH enjoys it and because it means so much to him, I usually agree to accompany him. So far I've managed to avoid overnight tramps that would really test my strength and endurance (and surely his patience) and even recently I've been able to convince him that a tramp of just a few hours is preferable to a whole day.

Years ago my sons informed me that I do not tramp. I walk. I'm happy to concede that today's activity was a walk and not a tramp despite it being downhill from the carpark to the hut and then downhill from the hut to the creek. Which meant that it was all uphill on the return journey.

Can you blame me for complaining?

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