Reintroducing The Family: Part Five

His grandmother recently referred to him as a rebel; his grandfather used to call him "that boy"; as the youngest he has always had a unique approach to life ... it's time to reintroduce Son#5.

Son#5 was not yet a teenager when he became an uncle. I have always been touched by Son#1's insistence that Son#5 be the first to hold his niece out of all the uncles. Son#1 alone recognised that his youngest brother - unlike all the brothers that had gone before - had never held a baby newborn into our family. And Son#5 didn't object (and still doesn't even when his nieces climb all over him).

I first introduced Son#5 here. Since then, he has grown into adulthood (where did those years go?). Unconcerned as to what others would think, he followed in the footsteps of his older brothers and sister-in-law and graduated with honours from a Bachelor of Engineering. We have yet to see if he marries someone in the medical field.

Son#5 has expressed an interest in a young lady. (And yes, I believe she is loosely connected with healthcare - just not of the human variety). For years we have prayed for godly spouses for each of our children so when Son#5 inforrmed us of his interest, rather than focusing solely on the difficulties, we acknowledged that if this is part of God's plan then He will make a way through all the obstacles. (I'm just desperately hoping and praying that that plan does not mean a move overseas permanently.)

Son#5 appears to be the son who interrupts the beating of my heart on a regular basis. He considers that he is grown and able to make wise decisions but as the mother of the baby in the family, my head has never managed to come to terms with this.

At least I can say, God has taught me a lot through this youngest son of ours!