Introducing the Family Part 5: Son#5

After Son#5’s birth I often joked that had he been our firstborn he would have been an only child. A difficult pregnancy and birth and first few early weeks left me exhausted and even afraid of the whole childbearing scenario. It was many years before I could look back on that time without reliving the fear. Perhaps the fact that I had four older children to also care for made those times even more difficult than they should have been (Sons#1 and #3 were not easy pregnancies or deliveries either but they didn’t affect me in the same way). However despite that difficult time, we definitely wouldn't be without him!

Son#5 arrived 28 months after Son#4. For a whole year I had three preschool-aged children. Strangely, when I hear mothers talking about how much work two or three preschoolers are I don’t remember that time as being any busier than any other period when my children were little.

Son#5 became a Christian when he was just 2-1/2 years old. Had the Lord not dealt with my scepticism when Son#1 accepted Christ at an early age then I would hesitate to share this, but I believe that Son#5 understood what he was doing and that Christ welcomed him with outstretched arms. Son#5 had been listening-in as I talked with Son#4 about his decision to accept Christ. After Son#4 had gone off to play, Son#5 almost in tears said, “I want Jesus in my heart too.” We talked and then prayed and he accepted Christ then and there.

In the words of his own testimony there came a time later when he felt that he needed to renew his decision and then two years ago he was baptised. Just a few weeks ago his former Bible Class teacher told me how much she missed his insightful answers and spiritual maturity now that he’s decided that he’s old enough to stay in church for the adult teaching.

I wish I could say that he's always mature! The baby in the family, it’s sometimes been hard for his brothers to let him grow up. And not just his brothers.

However Son#5 does have a unique way at looking at things. We're often surprised at some of the things he says and some of his conclusions. He's obviously thought through all the facts but he doesn't always arrive at the traditional or obvious answer. Certainly makes life interesting!

Several years ago DH asked Son#5 to remove some items from his work vehicle (which was brand new and expensive). Son#5 returned to say he couldn't open the back door because of the way the van was parked. DH jokingly said, "Well move it then." A few minutes passed then Son#5 returned with the items. To our shock, we learnt that he had gotten in the van, started it up, driven it forward, removed the items, then reversed the van back into its original position. And without hitting anything! When we asked him how he knew what to do he replied that he'd watched us drive lots of times and so just knew how to do it. Thankfully it's a few years before he can get his drivers license because things like this scare me!

Son#5 is in his second year at secondary school. He tolerates school (apart from maths which he loves); plays the guitar; and plays hockey (though not with the same passion as his older brothers - he thinks the purpose of any sport is to socialise of all things).

This quilt that I made for his thirteenth birthday is the Hunter’s Star pattern. The quilt is hand and machine pieced and hand quilted. The fabric is 100% cotton and the batting is wool (as in most of my quilts). This is another pattern that I’d love to reproduce one day in fabric but in miniature and possibly using all scraps (I love scrap quilts).


SchnauzerMom said…
Your son sounds very special. I'm glad he came to know Christ so early, it'll save him a lot of the grief that the rest of us go through. The quilt is so beautiful. I love the colors.