A Study and A Home

Approximately forty years ago the wonderful lady who taught my Sunday School class took a group of girls through a study on living the Christian life. In one exercise we were asked to write down our desires for a future spouse.

Several years ago I found the notes I'd written. Sadly I cannot remember where I found them or what I did with them afterwards. But I do remember how surprised I was as I read through my answers.

Surprised that the pre-teen/teen version of me was more interested in character than looks or money (back then didn't we all want to marry someone tall, dark and handsome who was also conveniently rich?) and surprised that God had given me my heart's desires.

I shouldn't have been. But I was.

I can't remember everything that I put down (although one is very clear in my mind even today because I had no idea how to word it at that age but I had an understanding that faithfulness in a spouse was a very desirable characteristic) but I think I can confi…

Queen's Birthday Weekend

I'm not one to ever say "No" to a long weekend. Weekends seem so precious these days (I guess because I'm practically working full-time - I say "practically" because in theory I'm only part-time but in practice I am full-time) and long weekends are extra precious.

One of the great things about long weekends - apart from an extra day off work and more time to knit or garden or enjoy the outdoors - is having more time to spend with family.

And this weekend we have been particularly blessed indeed in this regard. Son#4's girlfriend came to stay for the weekend; Son#2 and his family came for lunch after church on Sunday with DH's mother making a guest appearance in the afternoon; Son#1 and his family came late afternoon Sunday and ended up staying for tea; and Son#5 blessed us all with a surprise visit Sunday afternoon (remember my last post when I said he was in Invercargill - well he had the opportunity to ride a friend's motorbike back home …

Re-Sole-Able Sock Pattern

Finally. It's been a long time coming but I have managed to gather together all the info for how I knit resoleable socks. It can be found here.

I have started knitting all my socks this way again. Partly because I like being able to easily replace the sole/heels/toes, partly because it seems to go much quicker for me, partly because I want to.

I don't mind the small amount of time required after binding off to seam the sole and instep together. I find it rather relaxing in fact. But then I like hand sewing. If you dread it, this pattern is definitely not for you.

I completed a pair of socks last weekend and posted them off to Son#5. I knew he was about to go down to Invercargill for work and wasn't looking forward to being that far south in winter. (Don't blame him and few of my sons seem to be as bothered by the cold as I am.) I had hoped the parcel would get to him before he went, but it apparently missed him.

When I asked if he had received the parcel, he asked, &q…


Son#2 has shared his photos with me and while many are superior to the ones I shared yesterday, I have to admit that I have never laughed so much as what I did when I saw their family photos.

One Most Adorable Granddaughter pulled faces in every photo; another obviously didn't want to be there and was uncooperative; a third sucked her thumb or cuddly; and the other one cried and tried to escape.

In. Almost. Every. Single. Photo.

But the shots from the back were good ... and some of the others aren't too bad.


Yesterday I took the day off work to attend Son#2's graduation. Yes, I shared photos of his graduation years ago when he obtained his Bachelor's degree. But since then he has put in a lot of hard work and made sacrifices to obtain his Master's degree.

Actually, I'm not too sure who made the greater sacrifice as it's been a long haul not just for him but for his wife and family too.

But it's done. And yesterday we got to celebrate and honour his achievements. And, much to his delight, his grandmother was able to make it this time.

I was hoping to have seen his photos by now as mine are very poor indeed (and are missing two very important family members). In fact, the photo of us taken from behind is probably the best ... but I'll let you be the judge.