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The truly astute may have noticed that this quilt made it into some of the birthday posts. And not just as some means of hiding an unsightly corner (I'm looking at you Bow Tie Quilt and Stained-Glass-In-Progress Quilt). Yes, it was hung just the day before the party but I was too busy (and too sick) to blog about the fact that it was finally on the wall.

But I'm going to take some time now to enjoy that fact ...

This is unprecedented. Things rarely happen that quickly around here. In a similar vein, DH finished our garden gate and fence in time for the party, too (which some may have already observed) ...

Now if we could only have some summer weather to enjoy being outside ... surely it's not too much to ask?  

Ninety Years: The Games

All parties need games and when the gathering includes a high percentage of Australians and New Zealanders, what is more appropriate than a friendly trans-Tasman cricket match?

My party posts are now over although I hope to share one more from her actual birthday which is coming up. (There's still some yummy birthday cake left in my freezer and enough local family members to devour said cake.)
It is obvious from her joy on the day and the photos that she enjoyed the party and having all the family together. Family has always been important to her. It was lovely to see her so honoured and cherished. Family made sacrifices - some quite substantial - to be there on the day.
I'm not sure she understands the extremes family went to in order to be there or that now, a week after the event, she clearly remembers the event or its significance. But that's okay. She literally beamed from ear to ear all that day and we shall treasure that and the memory of family together laughing a…

Ninety Years Loved: Family Portraits

What does one do when the whole family is together for the first time in at least sixteen years? (No one is sure when the entire family were all together last but think it may have been for my FIL's funeral in November 2000. The family has grown a lot since then.)

The answer is to take photos of course. Not necessarily good photos as with so many people, a few reluctant candidates (not just the youngest generation) and several cameras with no one sure which camera to look at, if there had been a decent photo amongst the 681 photos (not including the photos from one family which we haven't viewed yet) we would have considered it nothing short of a miracle.

The star of the day ...   All together ... Children ... and children and spouses ... Grandchildren ... and grandchildren and spouses/girlfriend ... Great-grandchildren ... one of the more reluctant family groups ... Family portraits ...

Whew! It's over ...