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In Praise of Big

I tried. Really I did. I did my research, took it slow, but within seconds realised that machine quilting a huge quilt was not going to work. Not on my machine.

But the quilt is big. Huge!

And I didn't want to hand quilt so large a quilt. It would literally take forever. So I decided to give a new technique that I'd read about a go.

Big. Stitch. Quilting. Also known as utility quilting.

The skills are similar to traditional hand quilting but instead of aiming for the most number of tiny stitches per inch (I never did perfect my stitches), the stitches can be 1/4"/6mm long. Or the size of a grain of rice as one big stitcher put it. One, apparently, is meant to aim for larger stitches on the top than on the bottom (unlike hand quilting where they should be a similar size top and bottom - not that I ever managed that either) but wouldn't you know it, mine tend to be the same size on both sides of the quilt.

But the wonderful thing about big stitch quilting is that it do…


It's still summer holidays (for students and teachers) and church looks a little different on Sundays. The regular musicians are off-duty and there are no children's programmes or lengthy sermons. A few weeks ago our pastors asked for anyone willing to share a testimony from 2017.

My immediate reaction was that nothing 'big' had happened unlike in 2016 when a trip down south resulted in a detached retina and surgery for DH. Then, and later, we were really able to see how God had protected us and had been in and through it all.

I know that the same is true for this past year. God has been there through it all. It's just at times it's been a little hard for these eyes to see. 

Because 2017 has been a hard year. Work has been difficult at the best of times. There have not been the breakthroughs in prayer I had hoped for. A lot of soul searching has gone on: am I the problem? What do I need to change? Do I need to get out of the picture?

It's been tough.

Just y…

Hand or Machine?

I have a love-hate relationships with my sewing machine. No, that's not quite true. It's more of a hate-love-hate relationship. Until I bought my new machine several years ago, the thought of using a sewing machine would reduce me to tears. I only used it if I really, really had to. Like sewing the binding onto a king sized quilt.

And then I bought my sewing machine - replacing my thirty-year-old machine - and things changed. I no longer cried whenever I sat down at the machine ... but I still couldn't sew very well and I knew it. The machine was used for sewing long straight lines that are rather tedious by hand, attaching binding, mending a seam if I couldn't convince DH or myself it was time to throw the item out, and whipping up the occasional Christmas stocking.

I never seriously contemplated using it to quilt (as opposed to piecing) a large quilt that I didn't want to be ashamed of ... until today.

The quilt top that may turn out to be the guinea pig for mach…


Once upon a time there was a girl (okay, middle aged woman, but that doesn't sound so great in the story) ... there was a girl-cum-middle-aged-woman whose husband went to India on a short-term mission trip (two trips, actually, and I think this story is about the second trip, but, really, those details are not important to the story). He asked her if she wanted anything and, remembering the beautiful sari that a young, slim and beautiful girl from church had worn, she asked for him to bring her one.

However there was a problem. She had forgotten that she was no longer young or slim (or particularly beautiful) and, as it turned out, the mental image she had of wearing a sari did not fit the reality.

Despite this, her husband brought back two sari: one a beautiful blue silk with gold thread which was incredibly difficult to photograph ...

and another "every-day" sari of a fabric that was probably rayon and inexpensive (especially compared to fabric prices in New Zealand) a…

Two Year Bible Reading Plan

I really thought that I'd linked to my Two-Year Bible Reading Plan from this blog years ago but a quick search didn't turn it up. Perhaps it disappeared when my blog underwent renovations a while back. Anyway, I really wanted to put up this link in case anyone was looking for a plan to use before we get too far into the new year.

I actually started another plan this year that I'd found online but discarded it after four days. (Yes, I know it's only January 2 as I write this but I started a little early.) It seems that I keep coming back to this plan that I developed years ago. Obviously it works for me.

My plan has readings from the Old Testament for three days, from the New Testament for two days, and from Psalms or Proverbs for two days. I do Psalms/Proverbs on the weekend because they tend to be shorter and sometimes I need to also use the weekend to catch up. (Doesn't happen very often because I find this plan quite manageable but sometimes life does get in th…


What better way to begin 2018 than with a family picnic at the beach/creek? Some of the older adults had gone fishing in the river mouth prior to the family gathering at the beach but with no success (we'll I'm assuming they weren't successful as I haven't heard otherwise). As we started collecting in the crowded carpark near the beach, it began to rain. Undeterred we continued with our plans and the rain soon stopped, the monster waves that were predicted didn't eventuate, and we had a wonderful time. There may even be some new contenders in the master kayakers' league now!