Two Year Bible Reading Plan

I really thought that I'd linked to my Two-Year Bible Reading Plan from this blog years ago but a quick search didn't turn it up. Perhaps it disappeared when my blog underwent renovations a while back. Anyway, I really wanted to put up this link in case anyone was looking for a plan to use before we get too far into the new year.

I actually started another plan this year that I'd found online but discarded it after four days. (Yes, I know it's only January 2 as I write this but I started a little early.) It seems that I keep coming back to this plan that I developed years ago. Obviously it works for me.

My plan has readings from the Old Testament for three days, from the New Testament for two days, and from Psalms or Proverbs for two days. I do Psalms/Proverbs on the weekend because they tend to be shorter and sometimes I need to also use the weekend to catch up. (Doesn't happen very often because I find this plan quite manageable but sometimes life does get in the way.)

This plan only has prescribed monthly readings so it will be up to you to determine how much you'll need to read daily. In my Parallel Bible it equates to three columns daily; in my standard-sized King James, it's roughly two and a half pages but in my husband's Bible it's three columns, or one and a half to two pages; or, put another way, two to three chapters most days, depending on length. You can get mathematical about it (work out number of pages form one section for one month and then divide by number of days you'll read from that section that month), read roughly two pages each day (sometimes less, sometimes more depending on where chapters end or natural breaks occur) and see how you're going by the end of the first month, or just read what is a comfortable amount for you and realise you may take longer than two years (but if you decide to do that, then you probably don't need my plan).

So if anyone would like to read through the entire Old Testament once, the New Testament twice, and Psalms and Proverbs twice in two years, here it is: Jules' Two-Year Bible Plan. (I print it out, fold it in half, glue it together and trim on three sides to make a bookmark of a good size to keep in my Bible.)

For those who would prefer each day's readings to be set out, a similar plan can be found here.

If you do try my plan, I'd love to hear from you!