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To Await The Dream

Their dreams have come true … or have they?
Katie accepts Samuel’s proposal but when he is wrongly accused it looks as if all their dreams will dissolve. Will they have the strength to endure?
Rhiannon returns to England only to discover that she has left her heart in a distant land. Will she follow her head or her heart?
Kieran pursues his dream for further education but he has another dream that few know about. Will he too realise his dreams?
To Await The Dream is now available on my website with a special offer for Australian and New Zealand residents. Stay tuned for more offers and another release in upcoming weeks.


This afternoon my publisher emailed to tell me that my books were on their way!!!

This is the moment when I start doubting myself ... when I think that my writing isn't good enough ... that no one will read my book let alone buy it ... that someone will find an elementary mistake that should never have made it through the first draft ... that more than one person will find that mistake and all will point it out ... that all the reviews will be bad (a few bad ones are to be expected) ... that my readers won't enjoy the sequel to the first two books ... that my 'baby' will be badly received ...

I learnt a lot during the writing and publishing of this book - and I mean a lot - God really took me on a journey of faith and learning to trust with this manuscript - but at the moment my most enduring memory is that of going over the reader spreads on the back veranda with Kielsie at my feet on what was to be her last full day with our family.

As corny as it may sound (and be…

You Know You Are A Long Hair When ...

At times you have more food items in your bathroom cupboards than you do in your kitchen cupboards;You think about cutting your hair frequently but know you never will;You invoke the two-week rule ... every two weeks;You know what the two-week rule is;You Google hairstyles for extra long hair and wonder why all the photos show women with hair at shoulder length;You spend half an hour doing a hairstyle that the tutorial assures you only takes five minutes only to have it fall out as you leave the house;You can't do any of the cute hairstyles for long hair that you find on Pinterest;You are constantly getting your hair caught in seatbelts, doors, purse straps, etc;People ask you how you go to the bathroom (seriously);People give you unsolicited hair advice ("You should cut your hair," "You'd look so cute with a bob," or, my favourite, "You could be attractive if you'd only cut your hair");People often comment on how long your hair is in a tone t…

It's Raining ... It Must Be

Christmas Parade. Despite living in the Southern Hemisphere, despite being only a week away from the official start of summer, despite desiring a hot Christmas ... today it rained. And no one was surprised since it was the day of the Christmas Parade.

Having spent today and the previous three weekends going over reader spreads for my two latest books (yep, four weekend in total and that doesn't include the late nights and early mornings spent on them), I needed a break and what better excuse than to go with Son#2 and The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#4 to view the parade.

True to form, The Most Adorable Granddaughter#4 covered her ears as soon as the bagpipes began and didn't uncover them until the last float had gone past, but at least she watched.

I will admit that it seems too early to be having a Christmas Parade. I'm not ready to think about Christmas and probably won't be for another month!
Perhaps before then I might be able to share a preview of the …


A few weeks ago I went shopping (eek!) for three-quarter pants for work. I bought a blue pair that I thought were pretty and a khaki print pair that I didn't think were pretty but they were on sale for ten dollars.

Ten dollars!

I've not received a single compliment on the pretty blue pair (or on the blue shirt I bought at the same time) but in the two days that I've worn the khaki pair I've had three compliments!


I rarely get compliments on anything so three is a record.

I came home and had a look in the mirror and I still don't like them all that much. But I'll keep on wearing them.

Obviously I don't know what good taste looks like.

Solid Perfume

Okay, I go a little bit crazy when it comes to cosmetics and personal care products - probably because I was one of those unfortunate children who reacted to everything ... and I didn't have to be the one wearing it. My sister embarrassed me big time when she informed a boyfriend of mine that I was allergic to something he was wearing. I suffered from severe eczema as a child to the point that every summer my arms bled, and sadly, I've passed this on to future generations. As a teen, a well-known hypo-allergenic brand of cosmetics had me scratching for hours.

So, yeah, I tend to go a bit over the top when using/choosing/purchasing any kind of product designed to come into contact with my skin even though I've grown out of some of my earlier reactions (or have controlled them by avoiding most products).

A few years ago I discovered solid perfumes and immediately fell in love. Finally I could tolerate the perfume AND the scent. But these could tend towards being pricey and t…


It was the visit I'd been dreading: the first time The Most Adorable Granddaughter#5 visited and Kielsie wasn't at the French doors wagging her tail.

Those two were madly in love with each other. They had a mutual fan club going that began almost the first moment that Son #2 brought The Most Adorable Granddaughter#5 around. I even have a sneaking suspicion that "Kielsie" was her first word - or close to it.

Kielsie would know before we did when The Most Adorable Granddaughter#5 was at the front door. We'd see her standing at the French doors wagging her tail and comment that we must have visitors - and then the doorbell would ring. Even in her last days, when she was too weak to do much, when Kielsie heard The Most Adorable Granddaughter#5 at the front door, she'd gather her strength and stand at the French doors wagging her tail. When even this became too much, she would lie down and still wag her tail.

Her last visit, The Most Adorable Granddaughter#5 se…

Man's (And Woman's) Best Friend

We broke all the rules when we brought our Border Collie pup home eleven years ago. We should never have even gone into the breeder's home - so run down and flea infested - nor taken the last pup left of the litter who skittered away and hid under a chair and wet herself at our approach. (Something which she never ever grew out of when faced with strangers.)

But it was love at first sight and we couldn't leave her. Against all conventional wisdom we brought her home ... and we were right.

She proved to be an extremely faithful and gentle dog. And while she ran away from strangers, I always had a sneaking suspicion that she would defend any one of us if we were threatened.

She was ever so gentle with children, showing interest in them right to the last. When our first grandchild was born and would cry, Kielsie would become extremely agitated until we calmed the baby. I always felt that she was unhappy with how we were caring for this new life. (Subsequent babies she never minded…


There was no earthquake, no claps of thunder, no comet, nothing to mark the occurrence of an extremely rare event. Wait for it (drum roll please) ...

I voluntarily used a changing room in a clothing store without cringing, having a panic attack, or bursting into tears. (Okay, maybe I did cringe. A little. But, hopefully at my age, it would be acceptable for one to feel just a tiny bit put out with having to stand so close to a mirror under such harsh lights when trying on clothes. After all, I don't see those failings in all their glory in front of my bedroom mirror!)

Anyone who knows me, knows I hate shopping. Especially for clothes. Or shoes. That I've done both in the past month is noteworthy. That the most recent expedition was voluntary and without any prompting, is monumental.

But some things have changed at work. With no seats to sit on (only cushions at tables barely 30cm/12" from the ground) and so many babies under one, wearing skirts was becoming a nuisance. I…