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Adapting Recipes, Breaking Promises, and Other Related (or Unrelated) Things

DH was busy making a path in our orchard (still in the beginning stages), Son#4 was at a wedding with his girlfriend, and even though it was cooler than in recent days, it was still too hot to quilt. After cleaning out my wardrobe (ah, there's that missing pair of jeans and why, oh, why, do I have accounts going back twenty years still hanging around?) I decided to get creative in the kitchen and do some baking.

We had a huge bag of walnuts from last year still sitting in the bottom of the cupboard and there were still half a dozen Granny Smith apples on the tree so I decided that a cake using those ingredients with maybe some spices and maple syrup would be just the thing to satisfy a sweet tooth (or three) later in the day.

I found this recipe for Maple Apple Walnut Cake and proceeded to mix it up with a few changes. Firstly, I didn't peel the apples. I never do and I like the chewiness of the skin when it's cooked. Next time I would dice the apples rather than slice. A…