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I remember

I can remember when we had no telephone at home and had to walk a couple of blocks to use the public telephone that was housed inside a red booth. I never liked using it and was always afraid it was going to eat my coins.

I can remember black and white television. In fact, our first television when we were married was black and white, although colour had been in for a while by then.

I can remember when an apple was something you ate and a mackintosh was either a toffee or a piece of outerwear in English books (or at least that's what I think it was).

I can remember when we called teachers sir or ma'am.

I can remember when the principal kept a cane in his/her office and was not afraid to use it.

I can remember free milk at school. I liked milk but for some reason it didn't taste that good straight from the bottle on a hot summer's day even if it had been sitting in the shade since it had been delivered.

I can remember milk and bread deliveries to your door when the milk…


At two thirty five this morning the household was woken with a jolt. Still half asleep I asked DH how many babies we still had at home. Patiently he reminded me that our single boys were all at home. Either due to being rudely woken from sleep, or from the adrenaline that flooded my system from the earthquake, I couldn't comprehend his answer.

However a check confirmed that once again we had a full house and that everyone was safe and accounted for - and awake. At first I had thought that Son#5 who had been feeling unwell yesterday had slept through it all but he informed me that it was impossible to sleep when Son#4 had almost fallen out of bed. Whether Son#4 can blame the earthquake or his own sleeping habits is open to question. I would often find this son hanging half off the bed as a child while still asleep and from all accounts this hasn't changed since he left home.

I did feel for Son#3's fiance who doesn't like earthquakes and who was treated to a good one the…


It may only be temporary since DH doesn't want to concrete the area until we have our drains in place (and who can blame him?) but a lot of effort went into making this area for my vegetables.

My original vision was for plants in pots and I chose seeds accordingly. DH decided I needed something bigger and made planter boxes with the decking that had been removed during our renovation last year. This is the same decking that had remained in place for one hundred years but which the council said was unfit and must be replaced. It was going to be used for firewood but DH put it to better use.
On Monday The Most Adorable Granddaughter#4 assisted DH in the building of these planter boxes. With minimal help from me (I held the tape measure) DH laid weed matting and put the planters in place. However, yesterday he decided they were a little too close to the house and would be swamped the next time we have rain (we have no guttering at present). So with assistance from The Most Adorable …


We've just enjoyed a long weekend for Labour Day and DH and The Most Adorable Granddaughter#4 definitely got to do some labouring.

It all started when DIL#1 and I got excited about a seed catalogue and decided to order a selection of vegetable seeds to grow from start to finish. Since my vegetable garden was destroyed during our lengthy renovation project last year, I chose vegetables on the small side that would grow in pots.

I thought I'd done well but DH on seeing this ...

decided that he needed to build me some of these ...

(planter boxes made out of our old decking) in which to grow the seedlings.

I didn't argue.

Yesterday while I was busy looking after this sweet pea ...

(and staying out of the wind) DH and The Most Adorable Granddaughter#4 got working ...

It seems that the Most Adorable Granddaughter#4 got landed with the job of cleaning up afterwards ...

Now for some painting ...


A Country Walk

It may only be the access road to where Son#1 and DIL#1 live with their beautiful family, but doesn't it make you want to move and live there too?

Searching for eels. (Eek!)

Playing Pooh Sticks.

Mud, mud, glorious mud.

Can you see any deer in the bush down there? We've seen their tracks.

More mud. (By the time she had finished dinner she had more chocolate from dessert on her face and skirt than she did mud. At least she washes well.)

(She didn't want to leave the mud which apparently is all my fault since I often read We're going on a Bear Hunt to The Most Adorable Granddaughters. Uh-oh, mud. Thick oozy mud. ... We'll have to go through it.)

All good things must come to an end. Returning home ...