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A Little Ray of Sunshine

Nancy from C'est vrail (it's true!)... graciously awarded me the Sunshine Award a while back. I've been a little slow in picking it up - not because I didn't want an award - I did! - but because I've been thinking about this whole blog award thing and am not sure where I stand.

I like being able to link my readers to some wonderful blogs that they may not even know about. I want to give everyone an award. I know that some bloggers prefer to keep their blogs award free. And then I wonder when I accept a reward and pass it on if all I'm really doing is singing my own praises (perish the thought)?

There are some wonderful wonderful blogs out there that I follow. Some are serious; some are funny or witty; some are provoking; some are an oasis of peace in a busy day. Some bloggers I have much in common with, while others' lives are a world apart from my own. Some have become friends; but only one I've met in real life.

It seems with blog awards that there are …

Tea, Anyone?

I’ll admit it. I’m a confirmed tea drinker. While I love the smell of coffee and even enjoy chocolate coated coffee beans, I rarely drink coffee. Frankly, I can’t stand the stuff but until recently I forced myself to drink it when in a café. But things are changing and about time too! Café owners would never consider giving a coffee drinker a cup of instant coffee and charging the earth for it, so why did tea drinkers have to put up with teabags in their teapots for so long? Okay, end of rant.

But now many different teas are appearing on the menu and there’s not a teabag in sight. And for lovers of frothed milk, nothing beats a Chai Latte (and I am not a lover of sweet tea but there’s just something about those spices that makes this one a winner.)

Today I sat down with a cup of tea to check my emails and found a link to a survey on tea drinking. Naturally I opened it and was reminded again of why I enjoy a good cuppa.

Before I go any further I’ll share the best way to make a cup of tea.…

I Wonder Where She Learnt This?

I don't know why they make these buttons so small. How am I meant to hold the phone and press them at the same time?

Hello? Is anybody there?

What do you mean will I hold? Of course I'm holding. (The phone at least.)

I'll just have a snack while I wait.

They want to talk to you.

Just a Pic or Two

(All are able to be clicked and viewed larger.)

Official photos of DIL's graduation have arrived and the photographer did a wonderful job. In my defence I didn't know that I was going to be included in official photographs. Last year I stumbled in my high-heeled boots to keep up with the students as they made their way down the street to the town square. This year I dressed for comfort not glamour. And it shows. But I really didn't know that they were expecting me to smile for the camera too!

Two Lessons

"You're weird," Son#5 informed me yesterday when I said I felt like a walk in the rain. Weird or not (and I'm sure there are many that would agree with him - not the least his four siblings), Son#5 didn't hesitate to join us in donning jackets and heading off down to the beach.

We took with us The Craziest Blonde Dog in the World who had a wonderful time chasing waves and doubling back to check that we were following. It would seem that she has a complex about being a white and gold border collie when most are white and black and so set about rectifying it herself - with the result that she ended up a rather dirty grey and gold.

Okay, I'm not serious. I know a dog isn't concerned with the way she looks. And I shouldn't be so concerned either.

But I am.

Yesterday I decided to be brave and go to church barefaced. Why it should bother me to be exposed in church of all places is something that has troubled me ever since I considered going sans makeup to chur…

Bloggers Without Make Up

Susan from Reading Upside Down (the lovely lady who wrote such a wonderful review of my book) first alerted me to the Bloggers Without Make Up Day. I'm a day late but apparently that doesn't matter.

The idea is to come out from behind our makeup and be real authentic women, celebrating our natural beauty and then to encourage and affirm those women who do the same.

I had to go back to February to find a photo of me sans makeup. It's also a photo of my house without photoshopping or cropping (and I cringe to see it looking so messy but I promise that it's not like that all the time).

I can honestly say that I went all day yesterday without make up. No big deal when you consider that for most of the day I was doing housework or sitting at my computer. However I did venture out to post off my entry to the Caleb Prize but since I rarely wear makeup to work I'm not afraid to be seen out without - at least during the normal course of the day. Church is another story. I wond…

A Little Announcement

"I'm so excited," The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#1 informed me on the phone last night.

"Why are you excited?" I asked.

"Dunno," she replied. (She's obviously been around her uncles too long as this is their stock reply to most questions.) In the background I could hear Son#1 telling her to tell Nana why she was so excited.

"Because Mummy's going to have another baby!" she finally exclaimed. Considering she'd asked her mother a few weeks ago when she was going to grow another baby, you'd think that she'd personally orchestrated this!

The Most Adorable Granddaughter#1 continued to talk about the baby and the more she talked the more excited she became until I wondered if she was about to sprout wings and fly!

I'd been let in on the secret a few hours earlier but I didn't tell The Most Adorable Granddaughter#1 that. Instead I enjoyed her excitement and felt again the rush of pleasure I'd experienced …

What I Learnt Yesterday

Is to never eat chocolate coated coffee beans just before official photos. Had we known that we would end up with bits of coffee caught between our teeth and be frantically trying to remove said bits before meeting the photographer, we would never have bought them let alone eaten them. But ignorance is bliss.

We'd left home at 8.00 am to travel over to DIL#2's graduation. Four hours later we'd had nothing to eat or drink and still had the official photos to get through before the luncheon. On the way back to the car we spied our favourite confectionery shop, popped in and bought a very small bag of chocolate coffee beans, and soon discovered our error.

We'll see if we successfully removed all the coffee when the official photos arrive next week. In the meantime we'll have to be content with these photos.

Ignore the great shot of some strangers' heads and concentrate on DIL#2 (yes that's her walking across centre stage) just after she'd been capped.

Front an…

First Time Nerves

In just a few hours I will be meeting with my flute teacher and a pianist to go over some pieces I've been working on (for what seems like months). I've elected not to do exams or recitals so I shouldn't be nervous, right?


Because now one more person in the world is going to know just how bad I sound!

Turbulent Seas

Last night while channel surfing DH stopped to watch a scene from a popular soap show. After trying to get my head around who was with whom now and whom wasn't with who I commented that some people lead mixed up lives.

Son#5 reminded me that it was only TV and not real life. I replied that what I saw in real life made what was on the screen look tame! We then went on to discuss how God's ways are always best (one of those wonderful teaching moments).

God designed marriage to be one man and one woman for life and when we go against God's plan we experience the consequences of our own foolish actions. What a lot of these popular shows don't show is the fallout from such lifestyles and particularly the effect on children. The show mentioned above shows well-adjusted children moving between two homes with an every-changing string of "step-mothers" and "step-fathers" moving through their lives. In reality, these children are usually anything but well-adj…