Bloggers Without Make Up

Susan from Reading Upside Down (the lovely lady who wrote such a wonderful review of my book) first alerted me to the Bloggers Without Make Up Day. I'm a day late but apparently that doesn't matter.

The idea is to come out from behind our makeup and be real authentic women, celebrating our natural beauty and then to encourage and affirm those women who do the same.

I had to go back to February to find a photo of me sans makeup. It's also a photo of my house without photoshopping or cropping (and I cringe to see it looking so messy but I promise that it's not like that all the time).

I can honestly say that I went all day yesterday without make up. No big deal when you consider that for most of the day I was doing housework or sitting at my computer. However I did venture out to post off my entry to the Caleb Prize but since I rarely wear makeup to work I'm not afraid to be seen out without - at least during the normal course of the day. Church is another story. I wonder if I'd be brave enough to go to church tomorrow without make up?

That's scary.

Anyway without further ado, here's the photo (click on it if you're feeling brave):

Please feel free to comment and be honest. However as I post this I'm reminded of something I've often said to my kids: If you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all. The idea is to affirm and encourage other women.

So if you want to celebrate your natural beauty and show younger women - and girls - that it's okay to be ourselves, then head over to Jodie at Mummy Mayhem and join in the fun.


So glad that you decided to join in with Bloggers Without Makeup day. You look wonderful!

I have been inspired by so many women who have posted about overcoming self-consciousness and fear to post their make-free photos anad to read the wonderful, encouraging comments about their bravery and beauty.
Ali said…
You look Great x
Cerry said…
You look great. Love your hair.
Gorgeous! It's been such a positive few days. So glad you joined in. x
SchnauzerMom said…
You look just fine and dandy. I love your hair, it looks like a veil. I hardly ever wear makeup. I bought some with the idea that I would start wearing it again but that only last a few days.
Anonymous said…
Jules, you are beautiful with or without make-up. True beauty is found within and you radiate that. :)
Toadstool said…
You look absolutely GORGEOUS without makeup! Natural, fresh, relaxed...