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From a tiny, tiny bundle of sweetness ...

to more sweetness ...

Happy birthday to The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World #5!

What a heel!

I began this post a week or so ago when I was struggling with a knitting project or two.

To begin with, I was not in love with this wool, despite so many other sock knitters loving it. What was wrong with me? I'd knitted DH a pair in this yarn and it had taken me the longest time ever. For some ridiculous reason I had bought two skeins and had another one to use up. Since I cannot store yarn indefinitely (a year at the most), I wanted to knit it up and be done with the guilt.

The first attempt was not successful.

This is another reason I disliked this yarn. It felted together as I knit it and was almost impossible to undo. However, inspiration struck and I decided to combine it with another yarn in a slip stitch pattern. I loved how this looked but, alas, it was too small for DH, and therefore most likely for any male in my family, so it appears I may have scored myself a pair of socks in shades varying from green to blue to black on a dark green background (when I get around to…


I feel as if I've been AWOL these past two or so weeks. (Um, did anyone even notice?) It's just been life. I've had plans for posts but they didn't eventuate.

My back has continued to bring me grief and I apparently have had a slipped disc. Physio and exercises and gentle walks have helped and I've felt frustrated at what I couldn't do ... but I'm getting there.

DH has had pneumonia (can I say, 'I told you so' since I'd diagnosed him - correctly I might add - several days before he finally took himself off to the doctor?) but is on the mend now. He still hasn't taken Nehli for a run and it might be a few days before he does. I think only now is he realising how sick he was.

Tomorrow I have a First Aid course and this weekend we celebrate three family birthdays ... so please forgive me if I continue to be absent for a wee while longer.

Those Days

It was one of those days: cold, raining, hail, DH coughing and spluttering with the 'flu, my back playing up big time, the Youth Group tramp cancelled ... what was a person to do?

Easy. Spend time with some of The Most Adorable Granddaughters (and now I finally feel that I've had a decent cuddle from The Most Adorable Granddaughter#6 who didn't cry when she saw me and actually snuggled into my arms - oh what bliss!), make my favourite gluten-free bread in the bread maker, make ginger beer (it's been a while), melt coconut oil, and knit.

Wait! Melt coconut oil? Yep. I love using coconut oil in cooking and in hot drinks and in summer it requires some muscles to get the stuff out of the jar but in winter, in my cold house, it's near impossible. So I melt a whole jar by standing it in hot water, and then pour about a tablespoon each into mini muffin tins. I don't know if this affects the quality of the oil (I hope not!) but it makes it so much easier to use (just t…

Free, Free, Free

This weekend, The Scent of Rain, is available free as an eBook on Amazon. Please spread the word. And if you enjoy it, please consider leaving a review.

Repeat One Hundred Times

My worth is in Christ.

Not in how I look.

Not in what I own.

Not in others' opinions of me.

Not in the number of Ginger Nuts I ate because I was feeling bored/lonely/fat.

Not in the hurtful comments that keep being regurgitated from my past.

Not in my job.

Not in the number of books I have, or haven't, sold.

Not in anything I can do.

But. In. Christ.

[If, like me, you struggle with feelings of worthlessness, then check out this two-part series. I found it quite helpful. I strongly recommend that you watch both, but if time is limited, Part Two really addresses how and why we should love ourselves (but don't forget to go back and watch Part One when you have time).]

Slightly Biased

I'm addicted. I'll admit it. But it's not a bad addiction.

As mentioned in a previous post, I am enjoying making garter stitch blankets. On the bias. I think it's the fact that they are knitted on the bias which makes them so interesting for me and stops them being a blah knit.
I know not everyone would agree. But that's okay. I can be addicted all by myself.
I am almost half way through the first of six strips that I'm planning on doing for my latest blanket project. That's a start. Not a good one, perhaps, but not bad either. I've used a lot - and I mean, a lot - of small scraps. Some pieces of yarn are only long enough to do one row and then I have to join in another strand. I do have lots of these short pieces of yarn - several in each colour - so I do get several rows  in one colour but it does mean there's going to be a lot of sewing in of ends when I'm done. (I've already started sewing in ends having learnt that leaving them until I&…


The Scent of Rain will be available as a free eBook on Amazon from August 7 and all weekend.  Please check it out and my author page.

It rained the day Damien proposed. A gentle falling rain that carried the salt from the ocean and released the scents from the nearby flowering bushes. Madi thought he couldn’t have chosen a more romantic time or place than the little pavilion beside the beach with the rain providing a veil around them. As he slipped the solitaire ring on to her finger she thought she must be the happiest person alive. Damien loved her! Damien Hamilton was everything Madeline Johnstone could wish for. Tall, good-looking, charming, and with an exciting career, she couldn’t believe that he had chosen her. The day of their wedding she believed all her dreams had come true. Little did she know that the nightmare was only beginning. The choices Madi makes will cause ripples that will affect not only her but also her daughter, Jaena, her family and friends, destroy a lifelong…