It's Raining ... It Must Be

Christmas Parade. Despite living in the Southern Hemisphere, despite being only a week away from the official start of summer, despite desiring a hot Christmas ... today it rained. And no one was surprised since it was the day of the Christmas Parade.

Having spent today and the previous three weekends going over reader spreads for my two latest books (yep, four weekend in total and that doesn't include the late nights and early mornings spent on them), I needed a break and what better excuse than to go with Son#2 and The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#4 to view the parade.

True to form, The Most Adorable Granddaughter#4 covered her ears as soon as the bagpipes began and didn't uncover them until the last float had gone past, but at least she watched.


I will admit that it seems too early to be having a Christmas Parade. I'm not ready to think about Christmas and probably won't be for another month!

Perhaps before then I might be able to share a preview of the two latest covers for my books. Whether they'll be out in time for Christmas (one has gone to the printers already) though is anyone's guess!