Introducing the Family Part 1: Son#1

Twenty-three years ago DH and I were blessed with our first son (hereafter known as Son#1). You can read books on parenthood but nothing really prepares you for the moment they place that precious bundle in your arms for the very first time. I read once that the first child is always an experiment, and I'm thankful to say that this experiment at least didn't turn out too badly! He's given us moments of concern but there have also been many, many moments of joy.

As parents the most exciting moment was when he gave his heart to the Lord. He had not yet started school and I 'doubted' his decision until the Lord dealt with me! He was baptised at around thirteen years of age, and now he and his wife belong to our church where he is a member of the sound team.

After completing school, Son#1 went on to complete a Diploma in Video and Electronic Media Production. It was during his Intermediate and Secondary School years that he discovered an interest in sound, lighting and technical production. He's been a part of technical teams responsible for lighting and/or sound at Parachute (NZ's largest Christian Music Festival), CTC (Capital Teen Convention held by Youth For Christ in the nation's capital), and YOTN (Youth of the Nation - a convention for teens held each year) as well as numerous school productions, including his high school's winning entries in Stage Challenge (drama and musical contest for secondary school students - since his school started entering they've won their regionals every year but one and that year they won the national!). He's also done a little bit of wedding photography including videos.

After completing his qualification, Son#1 returned to our home town, started an electrical apprenticeship, and a year later, married his high school sweetheart (DIL#1). They now have a beautiful baby girl (The Most Adorable Granddaugher). They live within walking distance and we really enjoy having them so close.

Several years ago I wrote a short article on our experience as his parents. It applies to each one of our children to varying degrees, but there's something about the first child that dispels all the parenting myths and challenges your own thinking. Welcome to The Journey of Life can be viewed via the link in the sidebar.

I made this quilt for his thirteenth birthday. He was adamant that he didn't want any 'sissy' fabrics on his quilt so I used all solid colours. The pattern is 'Storm at Sea' and is hand and machine pieced and hand quilted.


Jen said…
That was so cool to read about your family. We still only have one child, and it definitely feels like an experiment some days! I'm so thankful that I know the Lord, and have His help every day. I don't know what I would do if I didn't!

What a beautiful quilt that you made!
Jules said…
Thanks Jen. I started quilting why expecting my fourth son and he's ow 16! After my first quilt I said "never again" but I changed my mind and have now lost count of the number I've made.

Raising kids is definitely scary unless we have some help from the One who made them and families in the first place!
April said…
I just discovered your blog, Jules and have only begun reading it. I just had to comment on your quilt; it is beautiful! I have never done a complete quilt, but learned how to piece by hand and enjoy it when I'm sitting still (these days not very often). I love that your son didn't want any sissy fabrics - lol.

Now I must continue reading here for awhile... :)
SchnauzerMom said…
That quilt is gorgeous! Your son sounds like a great young man. Someone to be very proud of.
Jules said…
Hi April,

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. I love hand piecing and hope to show some more photos soon of quilts I've made. I'm also planning on being humble (!) and posting a recent quilting disaster.
Jules said…
Hi SM, We think he's rather special and yes we are proud of him.