Introducing the Family Part 3: Son#3

Son#2 was 3 years and 2 months old when his younger brother entered the world (exactly double the gap between my first two sons). For a while it was uncertain whether Son#3 would be born alive and well but he was and we gave him a name that meant 'gift of the Lord'. Although he had a VSD ('hole-in-the-heart') it caused him little trouble and eventually closed when he was in his early teens. He did give us some scary moments with early bouts of croup and bronchitis but came though unscathed.

Son#3 became a Christian when about five years old and was instrumental in leading his younger brother to the Lord! He was baptised at fourteen and has been involved in church ministry as a sound technician, computer technician and junior youth leader. He has firm convictions and views many issues as either black or white. It hasn't always made him popular (as when he suggested that a Ball was not an appropriate activity for a church youth group) but I'm proud of him for being able to stand up for what he believes.

Son#3 is the middle child and it's not an enviable position. For many years the older two boys considered him one of the 'little ones' and wouldn't play with him, and the younger two boys considered him one of the 'big ones' and so avoided him. But things changed and he and Son#2 are now best friends. Son#3 will miss his brother when Son#2 moves down south this weekend.

Son#3 plays the guitar, loves to play hockey, knows his way around a computer, and is currently in his first year of a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) majoring in Mechatronics. If you want to know what that is, you'll have to ask him! All I know is it combines his love of physics, calculus, computers, and accounting. It's as if the programme was purpose-made for him!

This quilt was made for his thirteenth birthday. If you've been a regular reader then you've probably realised that I made quilts for all my sons for when they turned thirteen. This quilt was foundation pieced on interfacing, hand quilted, and is a variation of the Log Cabin pattern. The colours were definitely a step out of my comfort zone but they work well together and the quilt looks wonderful on his bed in the youth hostel where he stays during semester.