Growing Old?

I must be growing old. I think the signs have been there for a long time but I've just ignored them. The other day a clothing catalogue arrived and as I was flicking through I saw lots of loose pants with long loose shirts and what I would call 'grandmotherly' styles and colours. I threw it away in disgust. If I wore clothes like that I would look like my mother!

It later dawned on me: the model was probably about my age. No Way! Now that I'm in my forties do I have to wear clothes that conceal my womanly shape? Am I no longer female? Do I have to hide my body in shame because I'm now considered 'over the hill'?

Sure, I now choose clothes that hide those obvious outward signs of age. My upper arms aren't what they used to be. And if I looked closer I'd probably find some other areas that are also starting to age. But can't I still wear clothes that are feminine and attractive and that flatter my shape?

I don't want to wear tight clothes but on the other hand I don't want to wear something that looks as if it's three sizes too big. Which is another thing that irked me about this catalogue. The sizes started at a size larger than I am now (Whew! That means that even if I'm supposed to wear those clothes I can't because they're too big for me). Is it assumed that now I'm older I will automatically go up a size or two or three?

Still, looking over the catalogue made me think about my wardrobe and after dropping Son#4 off at his exam today I went into town. The stores have their spring fashions out and many have sales. I went to two stores then came home depressed.

I'm sick of black. I wear a lot of black and grey during Winter and for Spring I want something lighter. Prettier. Not more black. When I did find something I liked, they didn't have it in my size. A few weeks ago I was complaining about my weight. Now I'm thinking that if I want to buy clothes that I like, I need to go up several sizes.

I guess I'll just go on wearing my same old skirts and my same old shirts. At least I'll save money.

And even if I can't find a new Spring wardrobe, Spring has clothed herself with beauty. Didn't I say recently that this ornamental weeping cherry would be glorious in a few days? Well here it is:


SchnauzerMom said…
I know what you're saying. I don't want to wear "old lady" clothes either. Even when I get to be an old lady.

The tree is absolutely gorgeous!
Jen said…
I used to dress very baggy, almost dowdy even in my 20's. Finally my hubby got frustrated and took me shopping for more "hip" clothes. It took me awhile to get used to it though. I had to try a lot of stuff on to find what I liked, and my hubby liked. I hope you find some clothes that both fit great and look great :).

That tree is so pretty!