A Life Not Worth Living?

Various things over recent weeks have prompted me to share my thoughts on this issue but I'll mention only two: Jen's recent post on abortion; and the Paralympic Games. I've been watching the Paralympics and almost without fail have been moved to tears by the inspiration and determination of many of the athletes. Forget the 'other' Olympics - this is where the 'real' spirit of the Olympics is seen.

Obviously my feelings aren't shared by others. Even though the coverage and the commentator was good - it wasn't as good as the Olympic Games where the best and well-known commentators (plural not singular) brought us the Games every day. Despite winning more medals in the Paralympics than in the Olympics, it still didn't get the same coverage as the Olympics. There's a bias there. It's as if we're saying that the Paralympic Games aren't important for some reason. Could it be because consciously or subconsciously we consider that because the athletes have disabilities they are not 'whole', therefore are not worthy of the same 'treatment' as those that are?

While watching the Boccia I noticed that many of the athletes had cerebral palsy and I commented to my family that many children with this condition are now being aborted in the womb before they even have a chance at life. From there my thoughts turned to eugenics: the belief that the human race can be improved through selective breeding. At first glance this may not seem too frightening until you realise it means ethnic cleansing, the use of abortion to eliminate babies that have 'undesirable' characteristics, infanticide, euthanasia, and the harvesting of unborn babies for research purposes.

We immediately think of World War Two and Hitler and the horror of the Holocaust when we think of eugenics. However he didn't start his elimination programme with the Jews. He started first by killing those that were handicapped and mentally disabled. Once that was completed he commenced his systematic plan to eliminate Jews and evangelical Christians and everyone else he considered unfit to live.

Sadly, Hitler wasn't alone in his beliefs. Many of what we would term "civilised countries" have also had eugenics programmes. And it's still happening today as governments, doctors and citizens decide when to end a life that they determine is not worth living.

The Bible says that we are made in God's image. Therefore every single human life is precious and I believe that one day our nation will be judged for the wilful killing of millions. As Christians we can't claim that we didn't know. We do know. Unless we do something about it - will we too be judged?


mermayd said…
Nicely said.
SchnauzerMom said…
I agree with you there is a terrible lack of respect for human life in our society today.
Jen said…
What a great post Jules. I wholeheartly agree with you!