Two in One Day!

I walked into work this morning to see my supervisor desperately trying to blow dry her hair in front of a small mirror that the children use when they dress-up. Immediately I burst out laughing as did the teacher who walked in behind me.

Apparently my supervisor had gone to the gym before work and rather than go home, had gone straight to work and showered there. She'd forgotten her shampoo so had to use soap (eek!) and then was trying to tame her hair into some semblance of order.

I commented that one of the good things about long hair was that I could just wash it, put it up and not have to fuss with it too much (in fact, I'd done a scalp wash that morning and had my hair in a cinnamon bun). The other teacher who had hair at BSL agreed.

Then the other teacher asked " How long have you been growing your hair? It must be years and years."

I replied that I'd had it long for most of my life but that two years ago it was the same length as hers.

"Really? It's so long. I wish mine was that long."

I decided that was a compliment. I know she stated the obvious (I have long hair although I wouldn't say so long) but then she also said she wished hers was long and they do say that imitation is the best form of flattery. I rarely get compliments on my hair (except on the hair boards) so I'm going to chalk that one up as another compliment.

Later in the day I heard another teacher say, "Yes, they're pretty" and realised she was talking to someone else about my hairsticks. When she had my attention, she repeated her comment. Since I was wearing "Never Give Up" with a heart dangle from Fox (the pair on the left in the photo), I can confidently say that yes, they were pretty.

So I'm feeling pretty good about my hair today and two hair compliments in one day must be a record! I'll be floating for the rest of the week!


SchnauzerMom said…
They are right the hairsticks and your hair are very pretty!
Jen said…
Ooh those hairsticks are really pretty. It sounds like you had a great day of hair compliments :).