It's Started Again

The winter season where we as parents get to sit outside for an hour, two nights a week, in the freezing cold, and watch our sons run up and down a turf (often in the rain) and call it 'hockey' (field hockey to my American and Canadian friends) has begun.

Last night I took The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World with us. "They're not playing hockey," she told me when she saw them on the turf. Well, they thought they were but I had to agree with her. There didn't appear to be a lot of enthusiasm from the majority of team members including my son. I'll say it here even though it will make me unpopular: they deserved to lose!

The Most Adorable Granddaughter took with her the hockey stick that DH had made. When we arrived home someone asked if she'd played hockey. "I didn't," she replied. We reminded her that she'd hit a ball around on the grass and she agreed but apparently it's not really hockey unless it's played on a turf - at least in her eyes. I wonder, is there any way we can get her in a team so that she can play real hockey?

I suspect we might have to wait a few years yet.

I'm not in The Most Adorable Granddaughter's good books at the moment. Her Mummy had arranged for me to care for her yesterday afternoon and so Son#2 picked her up during his lunch break and brought her home. "Nana didn't pick me up," she reminded me accusingly several times during the afternoon. I don't know that I promised that I would but she obviously had it in her mind that I would be the one picking her up and she was unhappy with the turn of events. Sometimes we have to be so careful what we say. And I'm still not sure I'm forgiven despite baking biscuits with her, giving her raw dough to eat (gross I know), letting her wash the dishes (this is not child labour - she wanted to do them - believe me, it's easier if I do them myself), and taking her to hockey!

However all was forgotten when her Daddy who has been away for the past week, turned up! The look on her little face when he walked in the door was priceless! Hopefully in the joy of having him back, she'll forgive me for what she saw as a breach of promise. I can only hope.


SchnauzerMom said…
Oh I think she'll forgive you! Do they have girl's hockey teams?
Jules said…
Yes they have girls' hockey teams but not for two year olds! My 4th son started playing when he was only 5 but they usually like them to be a little older. But since his 3 older brothers had all played (the next one up was 6 when he started) they agreed to let him play. I think he's played every year since then. Usually the teams are mixed until high school age (around 13 years) although some older teams still have both boys and girls. There doesn't appear to be any hard and fast rule.
She sounds so sweet and funny!
Jen said…
Aww, you sound like such a wonderful grandma to her :). She won't stay upset long, especially with all the fun activities she gets to do with you! Evie loves to wash dishes at her grandma's too. She always says, "Mom, Grandma let me do the dishes!" Unfortunately she has no desire to do them at home!