"Photos To Follow"

I promised photos in the last post, and since I like to keep my promises, here they are (although if I'd waited I could have uploaded Son#1's photos which are far better - but I didn't want to wait).

This is not the first promise I've fulfilled today. On several occasions when I have picked The Most Adorable Granddaughter#1 up from the centre she attends one day a week I've discovered that she has told her teachers that Nana is taking her shopping - to buy pretty clothes! Often we are going shopping but not to buy clothes. Instead I'm usually just popping into the supermarket to pick up a few essential grocery items that I've run out of. I'm not sure where she inherited her love of shopping from (definitely not from me!) but anyway I promised her that when the baby was born I'd take her shopping for pretty clothes - just for her!

Today I fulfilled my promise. In the future I'll be not so quick to make such rash promises! I had no idea what to expect but a two-year-old-going-on-thirteen is what I discovered! As she examined various items of clothing she'd tell me, "I like this skirt. ... Those pants are nice. ... What about this?" I felt like replying, "You're asking me - the queen of all those who are challenged fashion-wise?" But I refrained. After all, we were out in public.

Thinking it would be easier if I had her secured in a shopping trolley (shopping cart for my American friends) I decided to visit another shop. At least in this shop I was the one lifting items off the shelves, but she still decided whether or not she liked them! I must admit it was rather funny and even more so when I learnt that her mother has never seen her in this mode! Is this a hint of things to come!

Well without further ado, here are the promised photos. I know she's absolutely gorgeous and we are all so proud of her but if you want to comment and tell me again how beautiful she is I won't complain!


BellaMama said…
What a sweetie!! Congratulations again, to all!!
Daisy said…
Awwwww!!! Congratulations Jules ... soooo sweet! You are very blessed! :)
simplebeauty said…

She is darling!! Simply darling....

Jen said…
Aww, she is so beautiful! What a precious gift from God :). Congratulations to your whole family!!!!
Noel said…
awww, she's so precious!
SchnauzerMom said…
Wow she is gorgeous! It won't be long and she'll want pretty clothes too.
Liliana said…
Beautiful baby and I love the photo especially of big sister tracing baby's eyebrow. Sweet.

Mazel tov!
busymomof10 said…
Congratulations!!!!! There is nothing like the sweet sounds and smells of a newborn baby! I know you will enjoy snuggling her as much as you can!

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