One Week Ago

(All photos can be clicked on to view larger.)

Rather dark family photo (minus Son#1 who was behind the lens).

Groom with his two favourite nieces.

Handsome groom and best man.

A lovely couple.

The Most Adorable Granddaughter#2 is only interested in one thing and it's not the camera!

Nor is it her sister!

Another family photo and this time with Son#1 in front of the lens.

Best Man and Matron of Honour (who is the bride's sister and shares the same name as Son#2's first SIL, making it rather confusing at times).

No words needed.


Hopefully not worrying about his speech (which was great by the way).

He didn't need to worry about his speech either!

A favourite shot.

And another ...

and another ...

and yet another.

Proud parents steal a quiet moment.


busymomof10 said…
Thanks for sharing these pictures from the wedding! They were beautiful! Your dress looked perfect too!!

Amazingly, I think the bride resembles YOU!!! Do you see it?? She is beautiful!
Jules said…
How funny! I don't see if but I had several people at church say the same thing when she first attended with Son#2. Perhaps it's the dark hair and dark eyes? She is certainly a very beautiful girl both on the outside and especially on the inside. Son#2 resembles his father more than he does me so perhaps it's not surprising that he chose a wife that resembled the one his father chose (if in fact we do look alike).

Years ago I prayed very specifically about the wife that Son#2 would marry. Son#2 is very musical and one of our highlights when he was at home was to get together with our instruments and play. I also wanted a wife for him that had a real servant's heart just as he has. When he was a little boy the girls at school used to boss him around and he used to take it good naturedly and I was always a little worried that he would end up with a wife like that! Anyway, his wife is all I prayed for and more! I couldn't be happier with his choice.
SchnauzerMom said…
This first thing I noticed is that the bride looked a lot like you. She's very beautiful, gorgeous dress too. Great photos, thanks for sharing them with us.
Jen said…
What beautiful pictures! I also thought that the bride looks like you. I am glad I wasn't the only one who noticed that :). You have such a beautiful family. I loved your hair too!