No Words Needed

(Except to say that all photos are clickable.)


Mary R. said…
Awwww! You're blessed!!
SchnauzerMom said…
She's so beautiful.
Jules said…
Mary, I know. SchnauzerMom, I agree. Her big sisters would say 'Amen' to both. They absolutely adore her and it's a delight to see them with her.

I just wish I could get some more cuddles but she has to be shared around so many and I always have to give her up long before I'm ready. :)
Anonymous said…
They are so precious. What blessings you have been given.

Jen said…
What beautiful granddaughters you have! Those are such precious pictures!
Ohtawen said…
Oh, how sweet! Truly adorable pics. Congratulations, Jules, to you and your family! It's really a blessing to have a new little member.

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