It began like any other day. The Most Adorable Granddaughter#2 woke early - too early in my opinion but that's just because today was a holiday and I wanted to sleep in. DH was already up and preparing to travel to an airport an hour's drive away to pick up his brother, SIL and niece who had flown in from China. They were meant to arrive yesterday afternoon but missed their connecting flight in Hong Kong. I debated going with DH but decided against it in case DIL#1 went into labour.

By nine thirty DH was home again and the two of us decided to go for a walk in the rain along the beach. DIL#1 was at the computer, Son#1 was listening to an audio book, and Sons#4 and #5 were amusing The Two Most Adorable Granddaughters in the World. Nothing was happening and it appeared we weren't needed and wouldn't be missed for an hour or so.

Due to the recent rain there was a lot of driftwood on the beach. In fact, it was almost impossible to see the beach for the driftwood in places. We had to pick our way over tree stumps, logs, branches still sporting green leaves, and bits of debris. But the rain had eased and it was good to be outside.

An hour and a half later we arrived back at home and noticed immediately that Son#1's car was no longer in the drive.

"Where's Son#1 and DIL#1?" we asked as two sons and two granddaughters greeted us at the door.

"Gone to the hospital," replied Son#4.

"No they haven't," I argued, knowing that Son#4 loves to tease. "They've just gone shopping."

"No they've gone up to the hospital," The Most Adorable Granddaughter#1 assured us. "Mummy was a bit sore."

Half an hour after arriving at the hospital The Most Adorable Granddaughter#3 was born. What can I say except that she's adorable?

(You'll have to come back for more photos tomorrow as I left my camera at the hospital and only have the few on DH's camera to choose from at the moment. Oh, and apparently the river was swollen to record proportions but who cares about something as unimportant as that when there's a new baby in the family?)


Daisy said…
How wonderful and exciting! Congratulations Jules!
Jen said…
Oh Jules, she is beautiful!!!! Congratulations!!!!
Ashley DeLen said…
Oh my word congratulations!!!What a way to end a very nice walk :O)

And three grandaughters. Oh what fun you can have with the color PINK!!! Hurrah!!!
winterwren said…
Congratulations, Jules! She is absolutely darling!
SchnauzerMom said…
Congratulations! That's wonderful news.
Jules said…
Thank you all. We're tickled pink! And naturally we think she's just adorable. Mum is doing very well, Dad is thrilled, and big sisters are both very proud.
busymomof10 said…
How Exciting! She is Beautiful!