Week Two: God's Blessings

Actually I'm not even sure what has happened this week re our renovations and I don't really care either. Other things have pushed them to the back of my What's Important list. And one thing in particular.

On Friday, after a long hard labour, Son#2 and DIL#2 became parents to a beautiful little girl. Her name means "God has responded" which is significant. I had the joy of witnessing her birth and while it was difficult to watch my DIL endure what she did I was also so proud of her courage and fortitude. And The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#4 was certainly worth waiting for.

Needless to say, she is adored by all and I'm sure you can see why.

Only problem is that there are so many people wanting their share of her that I never seem to get enough cuddles. I think next time I'll wait a week or two before sharing the news with the rest of the family. I wonder if it would work?


Ohtawen said…
Dear Jules, congratulations! What great news in this wonderful post. Your new granddaughter is SO precious... well, all four of them are precious, but she is so tiny and adorable and sweet I just had to say it ;) I like the last picture the best - so much cuteness in there!
Jen said…
Jules, congratulations!! She is so beautiful!! I find it so fun that you had all boys, and now your boys are having all girls :). How awesome that you got to be there for the birth! I'm so happy for you :)!
Amy said…
You have no idea how envious I am! I desperately want to cuddle and kiss her and tell her how much I love her... little princess!
Jules said…
Ohtawen and Jen, thank you. Amy, I understand and I do feel for you. We know that you'd love to be here (even if it did mean having to share her with one more person). I'm sure you're getting lots of pics though and that the proud Grandpa will tell you just how wonderful she is. Hopefully you'll be able to get to see her soon. I think it's so funny that she has two (and possibly at a later stage, three) aunties with the same name!
ladyofrohan said…
What a sweetie! She's going to so much fun to spoil, isn't she.
winterwren said…
Woooooo! So beautiful! Like Jen said it is fun that all your boys are having girls. Now you just need one more granddaughter to make it even...ha!
SchnauzerMom said…
She's gorgeous! Congratulations.

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