S is for ... Saturday

Which is almost over ... at least for me because I'm shattered. In the last fourteen-and-a-half hours I have given a nine-month-old baby a bottle and breakfast before going off to attend a First Aid Course where I had to consider various emergency scenarios.

Coming home I managed to sneak in time for a cup of tea and a short-lived sit-down before cleaning up the kitchen and helping to cook dinner for seven adults and three children as well as enjoy another one not yet at the solid stage. More clean-up duties in the kitchen and then I help bath and shampoo three little girls.

Finally, I held a child in my arms as she went off to sleep and then slipped her into her sleeping bag where I spent several seconds trying to remove slippery fabric that had become stuck in the zipper.

Now I'm tired and ready for bed. And it's only an hour or so past seven-thirty!