She's here!

Only 1790 grams.

Forty one centimetres long.

Born just before seven o'clock tonight.

Perfectly, perfectly formed.

Absolutely beautiful.

Breathing and feeding on her own a short time after birth (although feeding status was to change once she was admitted to the neonatal ward).

We just want to praise God for answered prayer.

I will praise You, O Lord, with my whole heart;
I will tell of all Your marvelous works.
Psalm 9:1, NKJV


Amy Black said…
AMAZING! And Grace mentioned that the placenta looked more like a 42 weeker so so miraculous that we have a wee girl and mother who are both well :D I am so grateful that they have had an amazing midwife who picked up on issues and acted on them swiftly. I will watch with interest how God uses this wee miracle's life in the future!
Thank you for photos!
Ohtawen said…
Ooooh!! Congratulations to everyone in your family, Jules! The baby girl is absolutely adorable! You all have ample reason to celebrate :)
Jules said…
Amy, I was there last night when the midwife showed us the placenta and the scarring and pale areas and again I just want to give thanks to the One who has kept this precious wee one and her mother safe. We had prayed that the doctors/midwives would make the right decision and it would appear that they did in this case. We saw baby again tonight and I just long to hold her but I know that will have to wait. I hurt for Grace who has not held her since last night. How her heart must ache to hold her precious child close, especially when she starts whimpering as she did tonight.

On another note, I think we're going to be banned from minding Eliana. She woke this morning feeling quite hot to the touch and as Grandpa pointed out (I wish he hadn't!), she seems to get sick every time she stays at our house lately. Big sister is going to have to wait a little while longer before she's introduced to her new sibling.

Ohtawen, thank you. It is exciting but also scary.
Amy Black said…
Ahhh must be so hard on poor Gracie and I hate being so far away! I look forward to finding out the name they choose for this precious miracle girl. All so amazing! Now it is the hard times.. adjusting to life with a premmy baby and the challenges involved. I hope she grows quickly so they can get her home and start getting into a family routine.

I'm quite sure you will not be banned from looking after Eliana! I know as a mother with young children you cherish any help you can get and having people to mind our little ones is such a blessing!